INSERTSWORK.COM creates functional and realistic branchwork that will complete your snake’s habitat.


They are hand sculpted and custom made inserts that will meet all your snake’s “perching” needs. I make them

based on measurements you provide. For all snake cages, enclosures or units, custom or factory made…these inserts work!

Each insert/ perch/ branch is made using environmentally safe epoxy. An extremely tough and durable plastic.

These inserts/ perches/ branches are easy to maintain. They do not absorb odor, no fungus growth worries and will not breakdown from

reptile or amphibian urine.

I offer a number of desins for these inserts/ perches/ branches. There are the 2 -point, 3-point, 4-poin, free standing and total habitat type designs.

From these come endless possibilities.

Visit the “VIDEOS” tab to view some past projects.

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